Pocatello Baptist Church is a loving and friendly congregation of believers in Jesus Christ. We strive to love the Lord and each other more as we grow in Christ. We are an independent church, not connected with any denomination or conference of churches.


We are a fundamental church, accepting as true those doctrines that are considered fundamental to a true Christian faith.

1.The inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture

2.The deity of Jesus Christ

3.The blood atonement of Jesus Christ

4.Salvation by grace alone through faith alone

5.The future bodily return of Jesus Christ

6.Separation from heretical doctrine

We are a Baptist church, accepting the doctrines that are historically connected with those who are called Baptists.

1.Bible as our final authority

2.Autonomy of the local church

3.Priesthood of the believer

4.Two ordinances — Baptism and Lord’s Supper

5.Individual soul liberty

6.Saved church membership

7.Two offices — Pastor and Deacon

8.Separation of Church and State

We hold to a high view of the inspiration of the Bible and prefer to use the KJV Bible.

We hold to a high view of the sovereignty of God.

We emphasize an expository, thoughtful preaching of God’s Word that glorifies God, and draws the saved believer into closer communion with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.